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How to Maintian a Strong Delivery Presence Post-Pandemic | Superorder

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August 2, 2023

Food Delivery

Ways for Maintaining Your Food Delivery Presence Post-Pandemic

Nobody is entirely sure how delivery is going to progress after the pandemic passes, whenever that may be. We can make some good guesses, which we have in other blog posts, but it's impossible to be sure until we make it there. At the very least, it will remain as popular as it was before this all began, but likely, it will be even more so (although not as popular as it is right now). Regardless of how it all pans out, there are some things you can do to help maintain a strong presence in the market.

Send Love Letters

Okay, not literal "My dearest customer" love letters. But something similar. When in-person dining becomes a possibility again, dining options are going to increase, meaning it will be harder for you to cut through the noise. The last thing you need is for people to forget you offer delivery or even exist, so you'll need to remind them. We've said it a million times before and we'll say it a million more; develop a good marketing plan. At the beginning of the pandemic, you wanted to show people you were there and delivering to start with. Now you'll need to remind them you're still doing that and convince them to enjoy the food that was always there for them during a tough time.

This could come in many forms; maybe it's a strong social media presence, regular emails, or even special offers enticing old customers to order again. Even better, you could create a rewards system now (bonus points if it's on an app) that will help them make a habit of ordering from you. Whatever it is, just make sure you're reminding them you exist.

Don't become complacent

Relative to non-pandemic times, running a successful food delivery business has been pretty easy lately. But don't get used to it. Even if delivery doesn't take as big of a hit as some folks think it might post-pandemic, it will still decline in popularity at least slightly. This means the demand will be less but the supply will initially remain the same. If you take an, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, you'll quickly become irrelevant. The restaurant industry relies on innovation to advance as it is, delivery even more so.

You'll need to regularly re-examine everything from your marketing efforts to your menu offerings to see where you can gain a competitive edge. Delivery is no longer a special offering but an expectation, so customers will want to see how you're going above and beyond to make their bellies and their wallets happy.

If you'd like to capitalize on the current popularity of delivery and also get some help staying successful post-pandemic, hit us up here at Superorder. With the help of our team, you can use your existing operation, however big or small, to launch a virtual restaurant with multiple brands. This means you'll have even more chances to reach consumers, with even less investment.

Streamline Your Process with Superorder

We'll handle branding, website and menu design, and everything else needed to get you going. All you have to do is what you're best at: make great food (just for more people). If this sounds more like what you need, email us at or fill out this form to talk with a team expert!

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