How Does it Work?

DoorDash has been in business since 2013. The platform has its onboarding process figured out to a tee, so getting started is a breeze.

Getting Started

The entire process starts with the initial sign up. Head over to and provide all the pertinent information you need about your business. The signup form is straightforward, requiring only basics like contact information, address, etc.

Once you do that, you can upload your menu and wait for someone at DoorDash to contact you about onboarding.

At Superorder, we make things even easier by handling the signup process for you. Leave the details to us.

Setting Up the Tablet

DoorDash offers a few different ways to handle orders. The service doesn't exclusively serve restaurants. It also does convenient stores and other retailers. As a result, you'll see a few options that might seem foreign to you as a restaurant merchant.

The most common method to accept orders is through a dedicated DoorDash tablet. It includes the DoorDash Order Manager App. You're free to use your own tablet or order one from DoorDash.

No matter which route you choose to go, Superorder is here to help. That dedicated tablet is supposed to help you separate your traditional restaurant business from the delivery order stream. But doing so can actually add to the chaos. At Superorder, we can set up a consolidation app to make all your delivery orders available from one place. We'll even integrate the app into your existing POS system for greater simplicity and less confusion among your kitchen staff.

Optimizing Operations

Once you get the apps running, you're ready to accept orders! The hard work is just starting. Accepting orders on DoorDash will increase your delivery volume. As a result, you must streamline your operations to take full advantage of this business boost.

Train your team to work more efficiently and transform your kitchen into a well-oiled machine. Work to shorten order fulfillment times so DoorDash delivery personnel can deliver your food to customers faster. Superorder can advise you on workflow optimization to help you reach your full delivery potential.

Sign Up and Get Started

DoorDash can work wonders to boost your bottom line. The unique thing about delivery platforms like DoorDash is that it streams your delivery stream as a different aspect of your normal business operations.

But unlike other expansions, this one doesn't require a significant investment, more kitchen space, or even more labor. It all occurs with your existing resources. Delivery service from DoorDash can help you cover overhead costs and even fund traditional expansion!

To experience those benefits, optimizing your kitchen operations is a must. Work with your team to fulfill orders faster and more efficiently. Doing so will help shorten delivery times, gain more favorable ratings, and earn you a higher spot on restaurant rankings. Use the tools available to get positive ratings, perfect your menu, handle order cancellations, and more.

Superorder can help your team reach its full potential. We're ready to help you manage your delivery accounts and foster success. Just reach out, and we'll help you get started.

Run Successful Email and Mobile Campaigns

There's no better way to reach customers than through email and mobile marketing. Millions of people order food directly through their smartphones. Whether they use a third-party delivery service or do a quick search for nearby ghost restaurants, those devices are a major touchpoint.

With mobile marketing, Superorder can reach diners when and where it matters most. Clever campaigns utilizing targeted ads, SMS, in-app notifications, geo-tagged alerts, and more can drum up interest and get people through your virtual doors.

The same goes for email marketing. Success requires ongoing engagement and contact. Superorder can encourage new and existing customers to sign up to your email list, making it easy to keep your virtual restaurant brand at the forefront of their minds. Use it to provide information about promotions, retarget previous diners, and more.

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How to Beat the Competition

Use DashPass. DashPass is DoorDash's premier subscription service. It includes high-value customers that can help your business grow. Sign up for DashPass sales to rank higher. It offers customers free delivery, making your menu that much more appealing.
Have Great Photos. Photos are a big part of restaurant branding. When people order online through an app, it's the only way to see what they're getting. Invest in high-quality photography that puts your food in the best light possible. Superorder can hook you up with the best photographers to ensure your menu looks terrific.
Offer Promotions. Promotions are a great way to encourage repeat business. Consider offering a promo for first-time customers who order through DoorDash. Superorder can help you develop impactful promotions that keep customers coming back for more.

Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Deliveries with Superorder

Frequently asked questions

How much does UberEats take from restaurants?

UberEats charges between 15% and 30% for delivery orders depending on which plan you pick. We can help you sign up with UberEats– please reach out to our team to get started.

How do I contact UberEats restaurant support?

You can reach out to UberEats support at or 833-275-3287. We also take care of all your support requests so you can reach out to our team here as well.

How much does UberEats take from restaurants?

You can reach out to our team here and we will take care of everything to sign up for UberEats from start to finish.

How often does UberEats pay restaurants?

UberEats pays restaurants every week for the sales done in the previous week. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to us here.

What’s cookin’?

Check out our blog to stay sharp on the latest news in food and the service industry.

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