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Is it Too Late in the Pandemic to Capitalize on the Delivery Boom? | Superorder

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August 2, 2023

The Food Delivery Boom: Is It Too Late for My Restaurant to Capitalize On It?

You already know all about how the pandemic has heightened the demand for food delivery around the world, so we won't bore you by explaining this phenomenon again. But, as we're closing in on a year of pandemic life, and vaccines are finally being rolled out globally, it does beg the question: is it too late to capitalize on this delivery boom? The short answer is no, but the long answer requires a little bit of explanation. Read on to see how you can still find a silver lining in this difficult situation.

It's worth the (small) investment

The beauty of delivery-only restaurants, whether they're facilitated by a cloud kitchen or exist as a virtual restaurant, is that they're fairly low-risk. You're usually not taking out a lease on a new space, hiring a whole new staff, or anything like that. You're just renting a small kitchen space from a cloud kitchen or working out of your current space as a virtual restaurant. So, once you've covered any startup costs like developing a website, menu, and maybe hiring another cook or two, there's not a whole lot more money involved.

So let's say you open up a virtual restaurant this March in order to get your slice of the delivery pie, so to speak. Then, by the end of the summer, everybody is vaccinated against Covid-19 and has stopped ordering in. (This isn't what's going to happen, as we'll discuss soon, but hear us out.) Even if this extreme scenario happens, you'll most likely have turned a profit already and you'll be able to close shop on your delivery-only restaurant and go back to what you did pre-pandemic with very little investment lost. That's the beauty of a completely virtual restaurant.

Food Delivery


We've discussed this more in depth in a couple other articles, so we won't beat a dead horse, but most experts agree that while delivery may take a hit post-pandemic compared to where it is now, it isn't going to decline enough to significantly hurt the industry. Many consumers have reported that even once the pandemic is considered "over," they'll be wary of dining inside. Plus, ordering in has become so easy that many consumers admit they'll probably continue to do it often simply because it's convenient. This means that even if delivery orders decrease by a bit, you'll be able to keep turning a profit with the delivery-only brand you started during the pandemic. This is especially true if you work hard on marketing and establish a strong presence in the market now.

If you wan't to get in on this, let us here at Superorder lend you a hand. With the help of our team, you can use your existing operation, however big or small, to launch a virtual restaurant with multiple brands. This means you'll have even more chances to reach consumers, with even less investment.

Increase Your Revenue with Superorder Today!

We'll handle branding, website and menu design, and everything else needed to get you going. All you have to do is what you're best at: make great food (just for more people). If this sounds more like what you need, email us at or fill out this form to talk with a team expert!

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