How Does it Work?

Becoming an UberEATS restaurant merchant is a straightforward process. The platform makes it easy to sign up and get started in no time. But as always, best practices, tips, and tricks help you make the most out of the service. That's where Superorder comes in.

Getting Started

To get started, head over to

You can learn everything you need to know about UberEATS and what it can do for your business. When ready, click on the "Get Started" button and provide your business information. Fill out the form and provide all the relevant details you need about your business. Then, you must wait for someone from UberEATS to contact you and complete the onboarding process.

Don't have the time to go through all that? Reach out to Superorder. We can handle the entire signup process from start to finish.

Installing the Tablet

Here's what sets UberEATS apart from your primary business. Every order that comes through the platform appears on a dedicated UberEATS tablet. The tablet is part of the starter kit and is a gateway to receiving and accepting orders. You'll also receive signage to inform your physical patrons that you're now working with UberEATS.

Having that dedicated UberEATS tablet is convenient. But it forces your team to have two separate order gateways. If you want to make things easier, we can sign you up for a consolidation app that combines all your delivery app orders into one centralized location. We can even integrate it into your existing POS system, making the adoption of UberEATS even easier. Superorder can set that up for you to partner with UberEATS on your terms.

Optimize Operations

After completing the onboarding session, you're ready to start accepting orders! UberEATS takes care of all the complex logistics. That includes allowing customers to make orders, handling payments, and even delivering your food. Your job is to train your kitchen staff and prepare food quickly.

The key to success with UberEATS is to facilitate faster deliveries. Quicker order fulfillment will improve your UberEATS ranking and boost visibility on the app. Train your team to run like a well-oiled machine! Superorder is happy to help and advise you on how to optimize your kitchen for faster service.

Sign up and get started

Adding a delivery stream by working with UberEATS can significantly boost your bottom line. But it only benefits your business if you optimize costs and overall operation. The beauty of having a delivery-focused revenue stream is that it covers common overhead costs.

You don't need to invest in additional kitchen space or fancy new equipment. Fulfilling UberEATS orders uses nothing more than your existing resources. As a result, the revenue you earn is extra profit that can cover overheads like rent and electricity. Grow your delivery stream enough, and it could potentially cover labor costs and help expand your business!

Make the most out of the UberEATS platform. Take full advantage of the restaurant management tool. Don't treat your new delivery stream as an afterthought. Dedicate time and effort to handle cancellations, perfect your menu, gain reviews, and more! Those seemingly small details matter and can put your business well on its way to success.

If you need any help, the team at Superorder is here for you. We can handle everything from the initial signup process to refunds and cancellations. That way, you can focus on optimizing your operations and doing what you do best.

Run Successful Email and Mobile Campaigns

There's no better way to reach customers than through email and mobile marketing. Millions of people order food directly through their smartphones. Whether they use a third-party delivery service or do a quick search for nearby ghost restaurants, those devices are a major touchpoint.

With mobile marketing, Superorder can reach diners when and where it matters most. Clever campaigns utilizing targeted ads, SMS, in-app notifications, geo-tagged alerts, and more can drum up interest and get people through your virtual doors.

The same goes for email marketing. Success requires ongoing engagement and contact. Superorder can encourage new and existing customers to sign up to your email list, making it easy to keep your virtual restaurant brand at the forefront of their minds. Use it to provide information about promotions, retarget previous diners, and more.

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How to Beat the Competition

World class branding, packaging, and menus which impress your customers will help you get better ratings and improve your ranking on UberEATS.
Lower your prep times so that orders you have faster delivery times. Lower delivery time are crucial in ranking higher on UberEATS.
Offer a promotion to encourage first time customers to try your restaurants. This attracts new customers who will repeat order if they are happy.

Take the stress out of managing UberEats with Superorder

Frequently asked questions

How much does UberEats take from restaurants?

UberEats charges between 15% and 30% for delivery orders depending on which plan you pick. We can help you sign up with UberEats– please reach out to our team to get started.

How do I contact UberEats restaurant support?

You can reach out to UberEats support at or 833-275-3287. We also take care of all your support requests so you can reach out to our team here as well.

How much does UberEats take from restaurants?

You can reach out to our team here and we will take care of everything to sign up for UberEats from start to finish.

How often does UberEats pay restaurants?

UberEats pays restaurants every week for the sales done in the previous week. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to us here.

What’s cookin’?

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