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Use data to drive revenue

Have you ever considered how science and data play into menu design?

Researchers have spent a surprising amount of time understanding how people view visual media. It seems so arbitrary at first glance. But believe it or not, there are some unique tricks to play with the mind and encourage specific decision-making in restaurant menus!

Data suggests that people focus on a few critical areas of the page

While everyone is different, people typically use a distinct pattern of eye movements to view menu offerings. It's known as the "Golden Triangle." Essentially, the eyes start at the middle of the page before moving to the top right corner and shifting to the top left corner. At Superorder, we use that psychological data to your advantage. We place high-profit items in the Golden Triangle to ensure that your patrons see them first!

That's just one of the many tricks we use

We also use color to convey certain moods, visual tricks to highlight essential menu items, and more. Our team has mastered the art of strategic design, and we use data to ensure that your menu is as appealing to the masses as possible.


Create compelling descriptions

When creating a menu, it's not just the visuals and overall aesthetics that influence customers

How you describe your culinary masterpieces matters, and we here at Superorder know how to paint a picture with words.

Many modern restaurants don't have photos of the dishes

A photo-less layout provides a more elegant look and focuses on minimal design aesthetics. But without those pictures, you have to go the extra mile to describe your food in great detail.Contrary to popular belief, over-the-top language isn't the best course of action. Hyperbole, fluff, and cheesy verbiage can have the opposite effect of what you want. It makes things more confusing and can even make your brand look inauthentic.

It's all about being descriptive and enticing.

Use words to paint a picture and get your patrons salivating!

Set up a free demo with Superorder today!

Restaurants in the digital age need to have a well-designed website. There's no way around it! If you want to appeal to modern diners and put your business at the forefront of your area's culinary scene, a good website is a must.

Let Superorder take the mantle! Our restaurant website design service is one that you can trust. Get in touch today to learn more and see what we can do for your business!

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