Centralized Notifications and Dashboard for Restaurant Analytics

Superorder provides a comprehensive and centralized dashboard for restaurant analytics. Our reporting empowers you with real-time data visualization, analysis, and insights to optimize your operations, enhance profitability, and make informed business decisions.

Automated Notifications

SMS, Email, and Dashboard
Get text and email notifications for:
Error, canceled and missed orders
Downtime and platform integration breakages
Order volume decreases
Poor restaurant reviews
Improve your restaurant’s operations. Have full control and management of your restaurant at all times, even remotely.

Catch unscheduled DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub deactivations to prevent revenue loss

Analyze order errors like a missing item, topping, drinks and analyze order cancellations due to the restaurant not accepting the order

Track volume drops in restaurant revenue week over week and month over month

Understand poor restaurant reviews and analyze trends on whether certain items are causing it

Make Sense of Your Performance with Dashboards and Data

Focus on Your Highest Selling Items

Understanding which menu items are driving the majority of your revenue is crucial for effective menu engineering.

Reduce Food Waste With Our Advanced Forecasting

Our advanced forecasting capabilities leverage past sales data to predict future demand.

Easily Track Menu Item Performance

Our analytics dashboard allows you to easily monitor the sales and popularity of each item.

Optimize Your Menu

Visibility into what perform the best on your menu.
Analyze error trends such as most missing items, sides, and quality issues.
Prep extra for your most sold items and ingredients.

Streamline Your Operations

Staff your most busy hours for the kitchen.
Know when downtime is occurring and the reason behind it.

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