Our virtual restaurants do three things

Easily grow your revenue with online sales using your existing capacity
Create a new concept, branding and marketing strategy
Use existing equipment and staff with minimal investment

Earnings calculator

Find out how much a digital storefront could increase your revenue with our earnings calculator.

average order size
orders per day
SuperOrder could get you
extra income per year
lorem ipsum: $150K
lorem ipsum: $70K
Your digital storefront

We'll pinpoint the trends in your delivery market and build a tailored concept that attracts your ideal customers.

No extra staff

Use your existing restaurant staff to make more revenue. With minimal effort you can bring in more orders via delivery and improve your bottomline.

No extra equipment

Using your existing kitchen equipment you can generate more revenue. This helps you improve profitability since you don’t have to make any operational or capital investment.

No extra ingredients

Use existing ingredients that you already have to make food for new concepts and bring in easy revenue.